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Pergamena 1: 	The Constitutive Act of 26 March 1974, signed by the notary Riccardo Riccardi of Urbino, marked the beginning of our association, founded with the aim of giving voice to anyone who wants to better exploit the potential of this small town in the Marches, Montecalvo in Foglia to which we are linked in an almost obsessive, possessive, and we'd like to offer others a glimpse of who represents him for the way we see it.
	It is clear that our statements are filtered by a fog of subjectivity incurable, leading sometimes to an exaggerated stereotype caricature - far from being understood in negative terms - of what we live every day: our gullies, our walls, our streets, our children, youth and elders, ourselves.
	Of this, however, we do not care, since more than thirty years of cooperation have taught us to understand what they most want: that this quiet corner of unquestioned resound with echoes revelers, open to all those who are going to taste the happy atmosphere, evoking the flavors and happiness of the people who inhabit it.
     For all that we live proud of the work of those who preceded us, who with his own sweat made it all possible, who now no longer there, but that with the love he has always shown for these sites has allowed us d 'learn to act for the "Country", the one with a capital letter, which he still wants to be lived.
	The current board of directors of the Pro Loco of Montecalvo in Foglia in office, elected February 15, 2009, is as follows:
President: Bellazzecca Alfio
V. President: Filippelli Katia
Secretary/Treasurer: Paoletti Elena 
Councilors: Bacchini Marino, Bellazzecca Laura, Cecchini Massimo, Amati Lauro, Biagiotti Adriana, Borra Gianni, Paoletti Erika, Diotalevi Davide, Filippelli Fabio, Pittalis Bastianino. 
Board of Auditors: Diamantini Roberto(pres.), Cecchini Werther, Bellazzecca Samuele.
Board of Arbitrators: Falasco Sigfrido(pres.), Marcolini Ilario, Paolucci Giordano.

Who we are, what we do

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... a territory ... a country ... its people

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